Saturday, April 6, 2013

Recent Happenings...

 One Friday we decided to go on a picnic for dinner. So we did what we use to do when I was little. Grabbed some KFC. We just went to a park in town, but we had a blast. It was really the first time Thomas got to experience grass, and let's just say he didn't love it, but he also didn't scream about it. He basically didn't know what to think. He liked staying on the blanket. It was fun to get out in the warmth and throw a Frisbee and just relax with my boys.

 We have broken out the sunglasses here in Pampa!

 Thomas turned 7 months on March 21st. He is starting to become a trouble maker... opening cupboards, climb onto things, grind his teeth on the fireplace... you name it and he has probably been doing it! But we sure love him. Just a couple weeks ago he was finally able to roll from back to belly. He rarely goes over his left shoulder though, and no matter what side he goes over he usually makes a grunting noise like it is the hardest thing ever! Love this boy.

 When Thomas turned 6 months he had two teeth coming in! This is first signs of the 2nd tooth!

As I said earlier, Thomas loves the fireplace. So we have been putting stuff in front of it trying to prevent him from going to grind his teeth on it. Well in this photo he found out first how to scoot over the bar of his walker, and as you can see, this is when he first started to pull himself up onto things. He is getting much better at it.

This was when he got his walker from mommy and daddy! He loved it! (Still does) He doesn't walk forward very much but backwards, oh yeah, he has got that down!

Snuggles for Dad!

This was too funny. I was in the kitchen doing dishes and every minute or so I would check on him. And he got quiet so I panicked a little, and when I checked on him he had scooted right out of his pants! Love this little guy!

Thomas has kind of been in the "only want mom" stage. But one Sunday night he decided he wanted daddy. Jeff read him like 5 books and he was so intrigued! This little man is currently into books and gets mad when he has a hard time turning the page! Before I got the camera out he would look at the picture, then up at his daddy, and do that over and over. It was adorable!

Jeff had Good Friday off, so we decided to take full advantage. We first went to Amarillo to get some shopping done for our Grand Canyon trip coming up. I also decided to chop my hair. Then we went to Palo Duro Canyon, which is also called "The Grand Canyon of Texas" and is supposedly the 2nd biggest canyon in the United States with the first obviously being The Grand Canyon. (Which I cannot wait to see for myself!) We had a good time. We went on a small hike. We didn't go the entire way since it was pretty hot and Thomas seemed pretty warm, but we did go 1.7 miles into "The Lighthouse" hike, which ultimately was a 3.4 mile hike altogether! We had a great time getting out.

This was at the start of the trail!

This was about 10 minutes into our hike...

This was about 15 minutes into our hike...

You can see our destination in the back there.... We didn't quite make it all the way but it was sure fun to get out and welcome spring for the year! 

 I had a turn packing Thomas. It was pretty cool! Glad Jeff got this at a yard sale in OK before we left!

There was a small river that was in the canyon and Jeff decided that he and Thomas were going to put there feet in. Well Thomas decided he was going to put a foot in. Not both. Love this little guy! And the big guy too!

Happy boys!

When Jeff and I dyed eggs, Thomas was asleep. And when I went to make deviled eggs to take to an Easter Egg Hunt we were invited too, Thomas was napping. But when I walked in he had just woken up and so I gave him his egg. 'Thomas's 1st Easter, March 31 2013'

The Easter Bunny found us here in Pampa!

I think Thomas enjoyed his basket! He got a few Easter eggs, a stuffed bunny, a rubber ducky, and the Easter Bunny brought him carrots!

Thomas found the Easter eggs mommy bought to make a cool wreath (which I have yet too because I cannot find a styrofoam wreath to glue them too) and decided too dump them all out while he shook the bag since it made a cool noise. Yep, the 6 eggs the Bunny brought obviously weren't enough. He wanted to play with 42 more. Love this boy!

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