Friday, October 11, 2013

Phone Photos!

 Thomas is big!
 He enjoys apples
 Blue had an accident
 Uncle Dodo came home so we took a picture because we were happy--We were also very happy because our friend Lindsay was coming over to swim!
 Laundry Day!

 ...'nuff said.
 He figured out how to climb out of his walker....
 Late night shoulder ride with dad.
 It's easier to get in the toy box...duh.
 Time to skype Grandma!
 I'm awake!
 Hanging with some friends at the ball field. Just making some dirt angels, no big deal.

 A drum set from Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Sean for his birthday! He loves all the presents they got him!

 He hasn't quite figured this one out yet Sean....
 Bye Bye Pampa! Wyoming here we come! (We moved to Saratoga, Wyoming!)
 One of our stops on the way to Wyoming to find a home. Thomas needed breaks.
 Yep, might be my favorite picture.

 Sinclair Refinery. Jeff's new job.
 Child Labor?
 He could push it all by himself. Strong kid. Like his mom, obviously.

 Car ride at the grocery store? He didn't know what to think.
 His first dum dum.
 Thomas size chess at the Saratoga Resort.
 Birthday Boy!! He is 1!
 Eating french fries on the way to Grandma and Grandpa Gray's house for his birthday dinner!
 His new big boy seat. He didn't know what to think.

 We hit up a real game with my family.
 Thomas figured out the stairs.

 Uncle Jordo got married!

 After a LONG day of wedding bliss.
 Hanging at Grandpa and Grandma Catron's!
 Thomas was very fond of Uncle Scott!
 Playing in the Flaming Gorge.
 With all our clothes on.
 Game day Sunday! Go Broncos!
 He hadn't figured out going down the stairs quite yet. Now he is a pro. He faces backwards and lets go! At Grandma and Grandpa Catron's he was super fast because the stairs are steep!
 He loves tomatoes. Man of my own heart.

 He started walking! (now he runs!)

 My cute Grandparents! Love them. It was so fun to hang out with them. They are great.
 Thomas and I bounced back and forth between my family and Jeff's while Jeff started working for Sinclair and we were trying to close on our house. We called Jeff and this is how Thomas would act hearing his Dad.

 Thomas would also walk into the piano room at my parents and say hello and talk to his dad.

 Hanging with Dad in Rawlins. We stayed with Jeff in the hotel for a week and a half.

 Jeff just finished telling me no pictures Mom we are watching football.

 Thomas thought it was super cool that we put him on the bed with us.
 Family photo with the Encampment River running behind us.
 Hunting season.
 It's official..... we bought a house!

 Again, it is easier to just get in the toy boxes.
 Thomas touched a wood burning stove. Ouch.
 Headed to dinner!
 My task....

 I made a cute craft with my free time....

First night in our house we couldn't find the silverware. We ate ramen with tongs. Don't worry, I found the silverware in the box labeled "bathroom items". Right where I would put them for sure.

That is all for now! We left our camera in Manila so until then! Obviously lots has happened! Thomas turned 1, we moved to Saratoga, Wyoming and we bought a house to name the biggest items! We cannot wait for more things to come! Stay tuned!