Tuesday, April 17, 2012


There was a college rodeo here on Friday, and our good friends had a ticket that they weren't using so we got in free! It was pretty awesome-I love me some rodeos. Must say there burgers stank compared to a roundup burger. Also, this is when the storms were crazy here is OK. There was lightning like crazy so I may have been a wimp and told Jeff we needed to leave. Especially when there was this lightning bolt bigger than I have ever seen. I was freaked. So was baby. So. We left. The end. But it was a fun night.


On the 12th it was my birthday. I made BTS on Wednesday, so I could take it to work on Thursday because I think all my coworkers had never had it. Let's just say they all loved it. The kids were a little jealous that only the teachers got cake, but I told them I was jealous that they got Popsicles (I had brought all the kids Popsicles) and I didn't. They were happy because there Popsicle had 2 sticks--little did they know I bought the cheap ones! Then I called Jeff on my way home from work to see where he was working for the day because earlier in the week he had been going to Texas every day to help on a job. So he told me he was in Texas. So I decided to take my sweet time getting home. I went to my friends house and dropped her and her hubby some cake because she had never had BTS cake made like this. Let's just say I think I converted her as well. I visited with them a little-told them about my kidney stone experience since he is a doctor... and then I went on my way home. Well when I get home I have to unlock the door, so I had my purse and keys in my left hand and the cake in my right hand and I finally got the door unlocked and was getting ready to turn the light on when I hear... "SURPRISE!" I almost dropped that glass 9 by 13 pan. Scared me half to death. My sweet husband had lied to me and was waiting for me to get home----whoops took an hour getting there..... but to my defense he said he was on a job. He surprised me with the little party blowers and a birthday sign. I love him.

All my presents! I was spoiled rotten!

Bananagrams---I dominate this game. I have only won when playing this game. Any challengers?

Getting ready to open presents

The sign I came home too. Jeff didn't want to be in the picture with me.

My 2 good friends here in OK surprised me at school with a balloon and some candy. My kids all went "WOW...." when Ms. Andrea the janitor said "Ms. Marci you have a special delivery" and the guy from Kings Floral brought me this. It was an awesome surprise. My name was even on there electronic sign outside there building and it said..."Thursday April 12, Happy Birthday to".... and then flashed a name.... then it flashed "Marci Catrone"....but hey, not everyone can spell the most awesome name right. Pretty cool though.

Thanks for all those who wished me happy birthday and made it extra special this year! Bring on the big 22!

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a .....

By the way if you didn't hear.....we found out last Wednesday that we are having..... drum roll please..........A BOY!! And the ultrasound tech said she is 100% sure..... haha. Let's just say he wasn't afraid to show it! He was a little shy to show his face though.... little stinker. But Jeff and I are so excited! Jeff text me one day and said hey.... were having a boy. I of course replied yep, a momma's boy. :) This kid is going to be spoiled I cant wait!!


So the Easter Bunny hides our Easter baskets. The Easter Bunny hid Jeff's in his suitcase in the cleaning closet.... such a great place that it was the first place he looked cause the Easter Bunny wanted to hide my basket there too! (p.s. it really ticked me right off-I lied in bed so the Easter Bunny could hide my basket since he hadn't yet and when I came out after I heard the t.v. flip on Jeff already had his basket! Oh was I ticked off!) Oh my basket was in the coat closet..... long story short on my 3rd try looking in there I found it. (I wouldn't have if I didn't feel it) Jeff just enjoyed laughing at me. We haven't dyed eggs.... yet. We have a few to dye tonight when Jeff get's home for FHE. Should be fun!

I got FOOTLOOSE from the Easter Bunny!

Jeff got TOOLS for his BBQ :) (which is a win for me since he loves to BBQ and I love food!)

Been begged by a few peeps to put a prego photo up.... here you go (20 wks). And when Jeff went to take the picture he said.... "Are you sticking your stomach out?" LOVELY.