Thursday, December 6, 2012

Veterans Day Parade

Thomas's First Swim

2 month doctor appt and Halloween

As you can tell Thomas didn't enjoy the doctor's office. He was fine until the shots. Which was very sad. I had to hold him during the entire thing and I even cried a little. Wow was that sad. After his doctor appt we went to Pampa Texas to find a place to live. It was Halloween and that night the ward in Pampa was having a little activity so we went and met the ward and had some chili. It was fun. Thomas had a rough night-and tylenol didn't seem to help like the nurse said.


Forgot to add these to the last post---but this is our flight early Friday morning from Oklahoma to Utah. Thomas's first flight. He threw a little fit before taking off and before landing....just because he does that before falling asleep. Both these photos are before taking off.... about 2 minutes apart. Cute kid. Did great on all the flights! Such a champ.

Trip to Utah

 Maddie is so ready for a baby :)
 Justin as well
 Team Grandpa
 Afternoon snooze with Grandma
Birthday Girl
About to go for a swim

 Thomas woke up for the baby giraffe
Newest edition to the Hogle Zoo
Lunch Break

Peek a Boo

Aunt Tiffany


Thomas liked the elephants

Lunch Stop
Manila visit... JJ got a little jealous when we first got there

2 months old!

Team Grandpa!

One of our drives in Manila--this was the view

Emily's state volleyball
plane ride home--catching some zzzzz's

connector flight---still catching some zzzz's
FBI--Fat Bald Innocent

4 generations

meeting Grandma Catron for the first time

Proud Grandparents

Ross telling him hunting stories
Great Grandma Goble

Great Grandpa Goble

4 generations

Auntie Gretch and Uncle Dave

Uncle John

Aunt Barb
snoozing on dad

going for a drive

little JJ going hunting

Thomas's first hunt (deer hunt 2012)

driving to Lehi

State Volleyball

Thomas and I went to Utah to visit the family and meet his aunts. We left the 12th of October and were suppose to go back the 21st. Jeff got a new job during that time, and so he was able to come to Utah the 20th! It was great to have Jeff in Utah too. Before Jeff made it to Utah Thomas and I had some fun in Lehi with the family. We went to cafe rio----yummy yum, had some Lehi Bakery donuts---also yum yum, went to the zoo, swam in the pool (only I did), and hung with the family. We had a blast. We went to Manila and met aunts and uncles there as well! Thomas went on his first hunt, we went on drives in the mountains, and we hung out with the family. We came back the following Thursday to watch Emily play in the state volleyball tournament and to hang out in Lehi since Jeff hadn't got to hang with my family yet. Sunday, we blessed Thomas at my parents ward and the families got together after to eat and to celebrate Jeff's birthday and Thomas's big day. It was really fun. The next morning we got our stuff together and flew back to Oklahoma.