Thursday, May 23, 2013

9 months old!

 Getting his toys from his toy box.
 Nap time
 Eating an apple
 Watching daddy play softball at the ball field
 His new hobby-----gr....
 He is always caught in the act though
 Every time
 I love these boys. They were matching this day.
 We ran a 5k. It was our first 5k's. Jeff has ran 10k's before, but never a 5k. He ran the whole thing. Thomas and I walked a few times, but Jeff said I was the first one done that had a stroller! Boo ya! It was a color run, so while we were running people threw chalk on us. It was fun. Before photo.
 After photo

 Thomas wasn't exhausted at all.....
 Color Xplosion at the end

 Jeff was dragging his tie around and Thomas was crawling after it. It was pretty amusing.
 Thomas cries when Jeff leaves for work each morning. When Jeff gets home he almost always picks Thomas up and Thomas absolutely loves it. He also loves Jeff's name tag that he uses to get through security at work.

 On Monday night we barbequed. Jeff came back inside from the grill and grabbed one of Thomas's books and just started reading it aloud. Thomas was clear across the room. He yelled real loud at Jeff, crawled all the way over to him and then read a few books with Jeff. It was just too cute not to get a picture.
 He doesn't like laying still for pictures anymore.
 He'd rather eat the paper

 I'm a big boy now!
 Eating home baked bread---trying to grab it.
 Thomas knows how to give high 5's!
 Watching daddy play ball. He is literally watching him.
 I've got 4 teeth now!
 Laundry ninja!
 Yeah, we love this kid.

 Jeff had a grounder at short take a bad hop and it clocked him in the head.
 Bike ride!

 Peek a boo! I'm awake from my nap
When we were in UT we hit up Cafe Rio with the family. It was delicious.