Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All about Thomas

 Thomas is currently a Daddy's boy. He loves to be with his dad. He cries when Dad leaves to go to work. He also is currently saying "dadadadadada" over and over and over. He then looks at Mommy and I go "Momma" and he looks at Jeff then laughs.... totally his Daddy's boy.
 He does sleep like his Mom though. Every time it seems when I check on him he is on his belly with his face buried in his arm or something else. Too cute.
 All smiles. This was when he was becoming better at sitting up.
 He pulled himself up to his feet using that flower there. This kid just turned 8 months and will pull himself up, and walk if he is holding on to something. We are in trouble.
 "Laundry day" He was helping me with his laundry.
 Now helping me "fold" clothes. More like unfold clothes to Thomas.
 Happy Birthday Mom picture! Yeah for smiles!
 He doesn't love his bike helmet very much.
 FHE bike ride
 Thomas all buckled and ready for his first bike ride.
 He held on for dear life. He even fell asleep and was still holding on.
 Daddy and Thomas
 Mommy and Thomas
"Get me outta here!" Whenever someone is outside on the porch (or whenever he feels like it really) he will go over to our glass sliding door and eat it. It is pretty funny.

8 Months and this kid has already got so many people wrapped around his little fingers.... OH BOY.

Monday, April 29, 2013


 Navajo Bridge
 Red Wall Cavern (Mile 33)

 Grapevine Camp. My favorite camp.

 Our "ride" for a week

 Grand Canyon 2013

 This waterfall... I cannot think of the name right now, supposedly is the warmest water on the river.
 The "Lookout"

 The "Patio"

 Deer Creek Falls

 It felt like hail hitting your bare skin. Ouch.
 Havasu Creek

 Pictures don't do this justice

 Jumping into Havasu Creek

 Drying off
 Kim and I trying to even our tan and get some sun on the back of our legs
 "Captains Dinner" Night 6 on the Grand we were suppose to wear a dress and tie to dinner.

 Kelly, one of our guides giving us a show using Poi on our last night.
 Mile 188, Whitmore Wash.
 Our ride to Bar 10 ranch
 Bucket List: Ride in a helicopter.... check.

 Our plane from Bar 10 Ranch to Marble Canyon Arizona.

 The "Manila" group---Dr. Draper is on the boat. He was too excited to get a photo before boarding.
 Bath time. The water is freezing.
 The "Manila" group at Whitmore Wash.
 Our guides. Craig Lutkey aka Lucky, our captain, his buddy, Jason aka Beak, and Kelly.
 Story of Bert Loper

Emily and Paige's "honeymoon suite" camp
The whole gang. 18 guests, and 2 of our guides while Lucky is taking the picture

Jeff and I decided to take his parents up on their invitation to raft the Grand Canyon with them. After that, Paige Emily and some Manila friends decided to come as well. We had a blast. We spent 7 days on the river, endured hail/snow, sun, saw some of the prettiest sites ever, and had a great time with family and friends. Jeff and I both got a little "Thomas sick"  but he was being spoiled rotten and we knew that. Pictures don't do it justice for how pretty the Grand is. Holy cow. Go back again? Yes!