Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All About Thomas

 This picture of Thomas reminds me of my little nephew Logan. I think Thomas looks a ton like him in this photo.
 Who can resist this smile?
 Father and Son at the park.
 Yeah, I get to hang with this kid every day.
 On a walk in Pampa Texas, big boy style.
 He is always the one laughing at my jokes.
 Found this cute hat, so Thomas sported it while pulling himself up on his bouncer.
 This is his new trick.
 Not a big fan of nap time or bed time.
 Dinner time
 Daddy set up his hammock so Thomas and I tried it out after a session of conference.
 Monday it got up to 86 degrees so Thomas and I went and played ball in the grass.
 Look at this kid. Looks like his daddy.
Showing his style with a warmup outfit.

As you can tell, we love this little boy. I think I can speak for Jeff and I both when I say we would do anything for this little man. He brings us so much happiness and laughter each day. I can't even remember what Jeff and I would do before we had Thomas in our lives. We love this guy. He is growing up so fast, and too fast sometimes. I just cannot believe that he is almost 8 months. I am so grateful for the many things he has taught me in only the short 7 and a half months that he has been with us.

Thomas hasn't slept through the night. We have tried so many things. Bath before bed, the Lavender bath wash and lotion, a routine throughout the whole day, stuffin' him plump full of rice cereal so he is not hungry at nights, singing to him, reading books with him, bottle before bed etc. So, Sunday night, we finally resorted to letting him "cry it out". Well after 36 horrible minutes of Thomas screaming his lungs out, he finally sniffled himself to sleep. It was one of the hardest things we have had to do as parents. But, he slept through the night! Monday night, was only 11 minutes. He woke up at 5, and then took a nap from 9:30-12:30. Yesterday night, he cried for I believe like 11 minutes again, and slept til 5:15, but then fell back asleep after a bottle until 8:15. Looks like we may finally be getting close to having him sleep all night! 
So, my reasoning for posting that is to list things Thomas likes and dislikes. 
1: Bed time         
2: PEACHES! We found a food he isn't fond of.
3: Shoes-wearing them (didn't get this from me!)
4: Grass--but he is warming up to it
5: Taking any sort of medicine
1: Mommy and Daddy
2: Books
3: His walker
4: Following his mom and dad around. Where ever we go.
5: Opening cupboards, going to the fireplace and grinding his teeth, grabbing cords
6: Mirrors
7: Pulling himself up--if he can
8: Talking-to himself in a mirror or with mom and dad
9: Baths
10: Cool things that make noise. Ex: tissue paper at the doctors office, bag of chips, grocery sacks etc. 


  1. Such a cute little guy! He is so happy! Love him! And you guys too!