Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Likes.

I was thinking after that last post that he has a few more things that he likes to do. 

11: Skype Family. He gets way excited when he hears family on the other end.
12: Trying to catch the water from going down the drain when bath time is over. 
13: Working out. This kid is an active little booger.
14: Getting his diaper changed. Crazy I know. He absolutely loves it. Sometimes, I feel like he wets his diaper right after I change it so I have to change it again.
15: He has started doing things he is not really suppose too... Such as get in the cupboards, go over to the fireplace, pull on cords etc. and so when mommy says "No" Thomas. He looks at me and smiles. This kid is already smiling and laughing when I say no. I am a little worried for the future. 
16: Loves the word "Boo". He loves to be covered in his blanket and wiggle it off if he say Thomas where are you? And do it over and over like peek a boo. But even if you didn't do that and you were just talking to him and just decided to say "boo" he would laugh. 
17: Loves to wrestle with Dad on Mommy and Daddy's bed. 
18: Loves the outdoors..... Surprised? 
19: Water. He is like a fish. In the bathtub, I swear if we filled it up he would be able to swim.
20: And of course, last but not least. He loves FOOD. Kind of like his Mommy.
(He also is a MAJOR Broncos fan and Utah State Aggie fan)

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