Monday, February 25, 2013

6 month, snow storm, the next MJ

 We are starting him young.... obviously he is still getting the hang of it.

Thomas turned 6 months on the 21st! He is getting two teeth now!

 Jeff loved this picture

We had a blizzard and crazy wind today.... we have lots of snow drifts. I think we are officially "snowed in".

 Yeah.... that snow is as high as the car to the right.

Jeff said this snow is taller than him... you cant really tell in this picture.

These people tried to leave....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Recent Happenings....

 When we were in Utah for Christmas we stopped in both Manila and Lehi. Here are a few photos.....

 We went to the BYU basketball game

 Wyatt took good care of Thomas
 As did Graycie

 Going for a walk
 Pea face
 Last weekend we went to Amarillo for the day.

 Earlier this week it snowed, so we took advantage and hit the "hill"

 Thomas even went tubing!

 Thomas got suckers from Gpa and Gma Catron for Valentines. Didn't get a picture of his other Valentine from Gpa and Gma Gray. Whoops.

 Today before Stake Conference I wanted a photo

Starting Fresh This New Year

 Well since I am a horrible blogger----we will start fresh. We are starting with this year. Thomas will turn 6 months! (where has the time gone?) this Thursday. Some of the things he likes:
  • To eat. This includes food, and things that he can get a hold of and get to his mouth before Jeff and I catch him.
  • He loves being mobile! Since January 25th he has scooted. Now he is everywhere!! I already had to baby proof a little so he wouldn't make a complete mess.
  • He loves to play with balls. He tries to grab them and goes from his chest out and he actually ends up hitting them further. He will then scoot to the ball and do the same thing over and over. 
  • He loves to be rocked and bounced. 
  • He loves to laugh at mom and dad. 
  • He loves to lay on mom and dad's bed and be bounced. 
  • He absolutely loves to blow raspberries. 
  • He loves to go after the remote, cell phones, or the computer. 
  • He loves tags and shoelaces or hoodie ties... anything string like. He loves to untie my shoes. I think if he knew how he would enjoy tying them together.
  • He absolutely loves bath time!
Some things he doesn't like:
  • He doesn't like to go to sleep on his own. He loves being bounced or rocked to sleep. (Recently he is going to bed on his own though so that is lovely!)
  • He doesn't like to sleep through the night... some would say he is a party animal.
  • He HATES when he rolls from belly to back because then he is stuck! He still doesn't know how to get from back to belly, so when he flips he ends up like a turtle on his shell. Oh does he get mad.
 He loves to play! Sometimes he plays so hard he is so tired he fights it so much!

 Isn't he adorable?

 Jeff wanted to try out the carrier he got him so they just went on a walk---let's just say he didn't last long.
 He slobbers on everything, all the time!

 Grandpa and Grandma Catron got Thomas this little remote control car. I think this is why he started to be mobile so soon. Little did we know this would encourage him to go after it. We were just trying to tease him. He loves this. As soon as we get it out he is after it as fast as his little legs will move!

I had just finished skyping with my family (why the computer is on the ground) and I stepped away for a minute, Thomas scooted clear across the room to the computer and had changed the icons to large and pulled up a file. Wow this kid.

So far I would say Thomas got his mother's dashing looks and his father's brilliant brain. I swear this kid is going to invent something incredible. He always seems to me that he is trying to figure out how things work. He stares at things and wiggles them to see what they do. Yep, I think we have a handsome genius in the making.