Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goal Update!

So. Remember that one goal I talked about that I want to complete on/by August 16th? Well listen. I ALWAYS have the hardest hardest time getting through Alma, and I don't really know why. I think it's because it is so long and so I have always felt like it was never ending! But listen. See how I wrote HAVE there? Oh yeah. FINISHED ALMA! I can say too that Alma is very interesting! It is crazy what all goes on in the book of Alma. I was so shocked! I am officially in Helaman at the start of chapter 4 for my reading today! I love that I am reading the Book of Mormon all the way through before this baby comes because I know our life will only get crazier! The Book of Mormon is so interesting I just love reading the stories and teaching myself about the gospel. I don't know if being pregnant has made me want to read more, or if I'm in my next reading phase (I go through phases where I read read read... then I stop for a few months... than I read read read) but I really want to read the past general conference talks from this last April! We had a couple speakers talk about one of there favorites on Sunday in sacrament and I was sad because I couldn't remember either of them! SO that will be my next goal....except this time I'm not going to set an end date. :) One goal at a time. There is also a few other books I would like to read as well---those will be leisurely reads that is for sure!


  1. Yay! I have a hard time with Alma too! I think is it just really long. But the stories are good! Good luck finishing the rest and with your baby that is coming!