Monday, July 16, 2012

August 16th....

August 16th there are a couple things going on, and if you didn't realize this, it is a month away from today. First off, it is our baby's due date! We are so excited to be parents, but we both are a little nervous. Jeff says he is nervous for the birth, I on the other hand am nervous about everything. I told Jeff the other day that our name changes from Jeff and Marci to Dad and Mom. So that is a little crazy. I gave him the example of having our boy ask me to do something and how I would normally say ask Jeff. But now it is going to be ask your dad. So that is a little crazy. Kind of puts things in perspective that is for sure. I think we are ready though. We recently received our diaper bag in the mail. I was SO excited for it to come, and to be honest it will probably be the only time that I get excited over a diaper bag. I made sure it was in good shape and then I packed it up. I believe I put all the essentials in there, but I did only put 8 diapers. I'm a little worried about that. My mom said that will last me a day or so and my father in law said that will last a couple of hours. Oh what Jeff and I have to look forward too!

Another thing going on the 16th of August. Because it is the official due date I wanted to have read the Book of Mormon all the way through before our peanut comes. I'm reading it our of the Book of Mormon for Latter Day Saint families, so there are many more pages and there are lots of little helps and quotes in the book, which I need and love. I am currently on page 202 of 664, and I have a month to go! The thing I am worried about is having our little guy come early and me not being on top of things and not finishing because I will probable be exhausted with the little one. But the good thing is I am getting a lot out of reading the Book of Mormon, and I know it is not about how fast you read, but how in depth you read and try and understand. So I am happy for this goal I set-- and I hope I can complete it! I will be starting my reading in Mosiah 7 today if anyone would like to join!


  1. Marci I am so excited for you! You are going to love being a mom! It's definitely the craziest thing in the world but the best!!!

  2. I can't wait for Baby Bean to come! I need your address to send you a gift. I feel bad I missed the shower! Can I just tell you how awesome you are. Reading the Book of Mormon before he comes is an awesome goal! You are a great example Marc, and will be a great mom!