Sunday, February 17, 2013

Recent Happenings....

 When we were in Utah for Christmas we stopped in both Manila and Lehi. Here are a few photos.....

 We went to the BYU basketball game

 Wyatt took good care of Thomas
 As did Graycie

 Going for a walk
 Pea face
 Last weekend we went to Amarillo for the day.

 Earlier this week it snowed, so we took advantage and hit the "hill"

 Thomas even went tubing!

 Thomas got suckers from Gpa and Gma Catron for Valentines. Didn't get a picture of his other Valentine from Gpa and Gma Gray. Whoops.

 Today before Stake Conference I wanted a photo


  1. Miss you Marci! Your baby boy is adorable!

  2. Brook-e Cook-ie! I miss you too! Cant believe you are getting married soon!

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  4. seriously love that bath picture with his bum popping funny. and his dino hat is just awesome!