Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thomas Jeffrey

Well Thomas is almost 2 months old!! He loves to take baths--and he especially loves to pee right after his bath! Either on himself, or in the new diaper! I think he just waits for me to put a new one on than decides to wet it! Anyways---he is getting lots better at sleeping at night. He usually wakes up a couple times to eat then goes right back to sleep! He takes milk from a bottle now as well, so that is nice when we are out and about! He also has started to become more in a routine of taking a morning snooze and an afternoon snooze! Those ones are his longer snoozes, and of course he still has little snoozes in between. He is starting to smile now and giggle. Which is absolutely adorable! Jeff thinks his first word will be daddy.... we will see about that. He still dislikes the hiccups and he isn't hating tooting as much as he did. But believe me, he is still a tooting machine! He is also a ladies man. All the young women here adore him, and he just doesn't seem to mind. He even has a couple of guy friends who have his back! Davis and Truman are looking out for the little fella! This weekend he gets to meet LOTS of family and I have baby talked with him about it and he has smiled and giggled back... so I am taking that as he is excited for it! It will be a little crazy on the plane probably... but all I can do is plan for the worst and hope for the best! All I know is I'm already a little intimidated by all the glares I am going to get just because I am THAT person bringing a baby on board!