Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby Thomas!

 Jeff'f first changing of a diaper

 Right before he hits a deep sleep he gets in a smiley phase. It is real cute.

 We went on a walk--Jeff has been so stoked to use the stroller!

 Gma Gray and Thomas--notice she learned to keep him and herself covered...
Thanks mom for coming out and taking care of us for a week!

 Headed home from the hospital!

 First sucking of a binki--Day 10

 He absolutely loves his hands by his face. If we swaddle him with his hands in the blanket within 5 minutes they are out!

 I don't know why this one isn't turned---- sorry!


 Sucking his thumb. And no we didn't put it in his mouth--he did all by himself!

 40 wks 5 days preg! Going in on Aug 20th to be induced. Started labor at noon on the 20th-- water broke at 3:50 a.m. the 21st, had Thomas at noon o six on the 21st! 24 HOURS OF LABOR

 Just hanging at the hospital waiting on baby!

 I had to wear oxygen after my water broke til Thomas was born because his heart rate kept dropping. I also had to lay in certain positions which makes for one sore mama!

 First time holding Thomas--one happy dad!

 After being bathed in the nursery

 Manly bonding time at the hospital

 Nap time!

 Chubby cheeks

 First family photo with the 3 of us!

 First night home!

He is here! Thomas Jeffrey Catron. Born August 21st, 2012 at 12:06 p.m. Weighing in at 8 lbs 5 oz and measuring 20.25 inches long! Obviously we adore him--- if you couldn't tell by the amount of photos we have taken of him! So far he hates the hiccups and being naked, and absolutely loves food. He claims people  by peeing on them--and thus far he has claimed me, Jeff and my mom! So if you want to feel some love you will have to be peed on by this kid! I call him Thomas the tank because he eats and eats. I also call him Thomas the tooter because he loves to toot! While others seem to call him Thomas the train... Jeff hasn't really pinned a nickname for him-yet. We are SO HAPPY he is here! And cant wait for many more sleepless nights!


  1. So many pictures! I need to come visit the little man again!

  2. Oh my gosh Marci he is gorgeous! Congratulations! Hope your feeling alright!!

  3. So adorable!! :) We are so happy for you guys!!! Love ya!

  4. Marci, He's adorable. What a lucky boy to have such a fabulous mama!