Monday, April 9, 2012


So the Easter Bunny hides our Easter baskets. The Easter Bunny hid Jeff's in his suitcase in the cleaning closet.... such a great place that it was the first place he looked cause the Easter Bunny wanted to hide my basket there too! (p.s. it really ticked me right off-I lied in bed so the Easter Bunny could hide my basket since he hadn't yet and when I came out after I heard the t.v. flip on Jeff already had his basket! Oh was I ticked off!) Oh my basket was in the coat closet..... long story short on my 3rd try looking in there I found it. (I wouldn't have if I didn't feel it) Jeff just enjoyed laughing at me. We haven't dyed eggs.... yet. We have a few to dye tonight when Jeff get's home for FHE. Should be fun!

I got FOOTLOOSE from the Easter Bunny!

Jeff got TOOLS for his BBQ :) (which is a win for me since he loves to BBQ and I love food!)

Been begged by a few peeps to put a prego photo up.... here you go (20 wks). And when Jeff went to take the picture he said.... "Are you sticking your stomach out?" LOVELY.

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  1. Oh!!!! your prego belly is soooo cute!! Wish I could touch it...look out for random people you don't know asking though...a little weird.